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New Samsung Galaxy S10 Includes Cryptocurrency Key Storage 
21 February 2019

A Look Back In Time

2 October 2020

Not all cryptocurrencies are created equal, which is evident when you look at the cryptocurrencies which dominated the leader board in 2013. While the Top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2013 were receiving a lot of attention, the majority of them no longer feature in the headlines.

Coca-Cola Vending Machines Have Started Accepting Bitcoin

13 July 2020

During June, it was reported that over 2,000 Coca-Cola vending machines in Australia and New Zealand have started accepting Bitcoin, thanks to an agreement between Coca-Cola Amatil and Centrapay.

Managing The Challenges Of Investing In Cryptocurrencies

24 February 2020

Investing in any asset class can be challenging. That is why for many investors they remove the ‘pain points’ of investing individually by engaging experienced, qualified professionals who focus on investment management.

Don't Let Your Bitcoin Get Cold

17 February 2020

We tend to store items in cold storage that we want to preserve for the long term, such as food or medicines.  Similarly, investors want to protect their cryptocurrencies. One of the best methods to avoid losing your Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies is by storing your cryptocurrencies in cold storage.

What Is Bitcoin Halving?

13 January 2020

Even with increased public awareness and media attention around bitcoin, an event is pending that is attracting minimal headlines - the next Bitcoin Halving (also termed "Halvening"). The next Halving will be Bitcoin’s third and will take place around May 2020.

Blockchain - Shining Bright In The Spotlight

29 October 2019

While the light shines brightly on the price movements of cryptocurrencies the technology that underpins Bitcoin is in the spotlight. Chinese President Xi Jinping recently announced that China should seize the opportunities afforded by blockchain.

Building The Framework For Growth

3 September 2019

There is increasing regulation in New Zealand and across the globe to promote and facilitate the development of fair, efficient and transparent financial markets. Both institutional and retail investors gain assurance investing in regulated products.

NZ Tax Office Makes It Legal to Pay Salaries in Crypto

13 August 2019

New Zealand’s tax office, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), has made it legal to receive salaries in cryptocurrency, and be taxed accordingly.

In its August bulletin, the agency published a new ruling under the Income Tax Act (in relation to section RD 3) that states that an employee can be paid salaries in crypto.

Keeping Track of Your Cryptocurrency Investment

17 July 2019

Like any astute and practical investor, you want to know how your investments are going. It sounds easy and common-sense but invariably things get put to one side as time is spent at work, with friends and family. As the saying goes, ‘so much to do, so little time to do it’.

Building an investment portfolio using dollar cost averaging

20 June 2019

For some cryptocurrency investors, their preferred investment approach is to invest on a regular basis, not to try and buy the dips. For a highly volatile market such as cryptocurrencies, this method known as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), means that investors are investing in the overall long-term trend of the market.

Cryptocurrencies maturing beyond the speculative quick buck

4 June 2019

Now that major United States retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond and Barnes & Noble have started accepting cryptocurrencies as payment, a New Zealand investment firm says it’s time to view the virtual currency as a long-term investment rather than a speculative quick buck.

Crypto Wins International Monetary Fund’s Twitter Poll

18 May 2019

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) official Twitter account ran a poll on the 10th April, asking “How do you think you will be paying for lunch in 5 years?” 

Institutional Investment In Digital Assets Likely To Increase

2 May 2019

Institutional investors are finding appeal in digital assets and many are looking to invest more in digital assets over the next five years, according to new research from Fidelity Investments.

The Challenges of Storing Crypto

2 May 2019

There are significant barriers to entry for those looking to invest in cryptocurrencies. It can be challenging to work through the complexity of investing in this asset class – buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, processing transactions and ensuring that the crypto assets are safe and secure.

Crossgate cryptocurrency offer focuses on established assets

24 April 2019

New Zealand’s first regulated share offer for a company investing in cryptocurrencies says it has focussed investment primarily in the more established cryptocurrencies as opposed to the long tail assets.

New financial products launch globally as crypto turns ‘hot’ again
15 April 2019

Crossgate Capital launches an equity share offer. 
Established in 2018, Crossgate Capital is a New Zealand registered company operated by a commercially experienced management and investment team with a singular purpose of investing in digital assets.

NZ's first regulated share offer for cryptocurrency investors
3 April 2019

The launch of Crossgate Capital Limited – New Zealand’s first regulated share offer in a company investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – opens the door to investors who want to invest in this emerging asset class but have previously been too intimidated by the complexity of the technology and various investment options.

IBM Cuts Credit Union Deal For Blockchain Services
11 March 2019

According to a Gartner report titled “Forecast: Blockchain Business Value, Worldwide, 2017-2030”, the potential value of blockchain or distributed ledger technology [DLT] to the enterprise is expected to grow to more than $360 billion by 2026, and subsequently exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030.

New Samsung Galaxy S10 Includes Cryptocurrency Key Storage 
21 February 2019

The new Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S10, will include storage for private cryptocurrency keys, according to an official press release
on February. 20

First U.S. Pension Funds Take the Plunge on Crypto Investing 
13 February 2019

First U.S. Pension Funds Take the Plunge on Crypto Investing. 

Morgan Creek Digital has scored what it says is probably the first investment in the crypto asset universe from a U.S. pension fund. 

Blockchain addresses the next big gap, the Trust Gap  
11 February 2019

​Not many people would have imagined  how the advent of the internet would change the world.  There have been many succesful innovations which have solved Gaps. Blockchain could potentially solve the next big Gap - "The Trust Gap".

Ohio Allow Taxpayers To Pay Tax Bills Using Crypto
26 November 2018

With the launch of, Ohio will become the first state in the nation to accept tax payments using cryptocurrency.  
“We are proud to make Ohio the first state in the nation to accept tax payments via cryptocurrency,” said Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel. 

Financial services Fidelity is taking a huge step into crypto
15 October 2018

Fidelity will provide cryptocurrency custody and trading services for enterprise clients. Fidelity is one of the five largest financial services providers in the world, some $7.2 trillion in client assets.

Harvard, Stanford, MIT Endowments Invest in Crypto Funds11 October 2018

Hot on the heels of Yale's announcement, the endowments of  Harvard,Stanford, Dartmouth, MIT and the University of North Carolina have announced investments into at least one cryptocurrency fund.  ​ 

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