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Governance And Compliance

The Board are experienced directors and have a resume which includes both public and private directorships.  With a background in managing funds, they are highly focused on strong governance, compliance and ensuring effective, clear and transparent disclosure to all investors.

Crossgate Capital's corporate governance framework is a set of principles, guidelines and practices that assist in our objective of delivering sustainable financial performance and value creation for our investors.


Our commitment to good corporate governance is integral to our business and reflects both our regulatory obligations and the requirement for effective leadership and oversight by our Board of Directors.

The Board is also responsible for ensuring effective communication with investors and other stakeholders. This includes approving the quarterly and annual reports, and conducting annual general meetings.

Crossgate Capital is a regulated offer of shares (OFR12554) and is a registered financial service provider (FSP649949).

Governing Documents & Quarterly Report

 Product Disclosure  Statement     

Quarterly Report
March 2024

Investment Policy & Objectives


Crossgate Capital

Asset Valuation


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