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Frequently Asked Questions
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Who is Crossgate Capital?

Crossgate Capital is a New Zealand company established to provide investors a simple way to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

We are a specialist investor in cryptocurrencies. We do not invest in any other asset class. Our objective is to provide strong returns to our investors and to become the preferred way to invest in this asset class.  

Crossgate Capital is incorporated under the laws of New Zealand. The governing documents can be found on the Disclose Register at www.business.govt.nz/disclose under Crossgate Capital’s offer number (OFR12554) and at the New Zealand Companies Office.

Crossgate Capital Limited is also a registered financial service provider (FSP number: FSP649949) allowing it to participate in an FMC offer as an issuer or offeror of financial products.

What is this investment opportunity?

​Crossgate Capital provide an easy on-ramp into cryptocurrencies through the more familiar form of purchasing shares in a New Zealand company.

Investors gain immediate access to a diversified portfolio of the top cryptocurrencies. This limits exposure to just one cryptocurrency.

It can be challenging to invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, from opening an exchange account, processing transactions, to managing a private wallet for safekeeping. The use of technical computing terms can also confuse and deter many.


We take care of all the challenges of investing in cryptocurrencies and consider this sets us apart from other ways to invest in this sector. 


Our portfolio selection approach is to continually research and monitor the performance of each asset and undertake selection based on fundamentals, specialist advice and strong debate.  We consider that it requires a hands on approach to deliver the potential returns from investing in this emerging asset class.

Can I set up an automatic payments and build my portfolio over time?

Yes. For new investors simply enter the amount and frequency on the application form. For existing investors, just visit your investor portal to set up your automatic reinvestment.  If you need any assistance, please call us on 0800 378 489 or email info@crossgatecapital.co.nz 

Can I stop the regular investment plan at anytime?

Yes. At anytime, just let us know when you want to pause or cancel your regular investment plan, by calling us on 0800 378 489 or emailing info@crossgatecapital.co.nz 

Can I easily make one-off investments when I choose?

Yes. Crossgate Capital is the easy way to build your cryptocurrency portfolio over time. Our automated reinvestment portal allows you to make one-off investments in your time and at your pace.  The minimum level of each investment is $100.

How will I get a return?

Crossgate Capital's objective is to deliver a return to investors through an increase in the value of our portfolio of crypto assets. 

​If there is a significant increase in the value of the underlying assets, the Board, may decide to sell some assets to pay a dividend to investors.

How can I track the performance of my investment?

​We value our cryptocurrency portfolio each time we onboard new investors. To review our current performance, click here

As a regulated offer (OFR12554), our most recent Share price can be located on the disclose register (the register for offers of financial products under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013).

How do you price the Shares?

The Shares are priced in accordance with the methodology detailed in our Product Disclosure Statement. Please refer to the 'Company Valuation' and 'Valuation Basis for Share Price' sections and other applicable sections.  A key component is the fair value of the assets (cryptocurrencies) at the valuation date.

How do you value the crypto assets?

Crossgate Capital has engaged Brave New Coin Ltd (BNC) to provide pricing information and therefore ensure data integrity.  An accurate price for the cryptocurrencies is important in order that we can ascertain whether we are meeting our objectives of delivering strong returns to our investors.

BNC is a data and research company, powering blockchain finance, they track 2000+ coins, from 250+ exchanges and generate 8000+ market pairs.

BNC provides blockchain industry insights, cryptographic asset values and indices, trade data, custom enterprise and a range of API solutions. They build industry benchmarks and custom indices for tracking cryptographic assets.  Their clients include the Nasdaq, the leading benchmark for US technology equity.  Read More


How do you store the Cryptocurrencies?

The message that investors shouldn't hold their cryptocurrencies on an exchange is still not heeded by some investors. It is essential that digital assets are held in cold storage (the cryptocurrencies should be stored in a wallet that is not connected to the internet).


Any time a wallet is held on a platform connected to the internet provides the potential for an investor to lose part or all of their funds.  

Security is a major focus for us. That is why Crossgate Capital has entered an into agreement with BitGo to store the vast majority of the crypto assets.


BitGo is a leader in digital asset financial services, processing around 15 per cent of all global bitcoin transactions and USD $15 billion per month across all cryptocurrencies.

BitGo provides 100% cold storage technology, storing our assets in a secure offline environment.  All of our digital assets are held in cold storage for the security of our investors.


How do you determine which assets to invest in?

We only invest in the top cryptocurrencies, which has to have a market capitalisation of at least NZD $500 million.  

Our approach is to review a range of indicators to assess the long-term potential of the cryptocurrency. We want to invest in the cryptocurrencies which have a reason for being, and which have a more established developer community.

We consider that to invest successfully in this asset class, continual research and monitoring of each asset is required.  This is important in order to determine the overall asset weighting and therefore construct an appropriate portfolio. A diversified portfolio limits the exposure of investing in just one cryptocurrency. 


We invest based on fundamentals not retail hype.  Our approach is to take a considered position in order to deliver on our objective of providing strong returns to our investors.


How can I exit my investment?

Crossgate Capital provides investors an easy on-ramp to a modern product whilst providing all the benefits that are associated with a traditional Share offer, such as being able to list the Shares on the Unlisted Securities Exchange (USX), based in New Zealand.  


The USX is a cost-efficient and simple share trading platform for Crossgate Capital to provide liquidity to Shareholders. It provides a mechanism for Crossgate Capital Shareholders to sell their Shares, if there are interested buyers.

All trading on the USX occurs through approved USX brokers. If you would like to sell your Shares, please contact a USX Registered Broker.  

Crossgate Capital's ticker code is CCL.

The USX was launched in December 2003 originally trading as the Unlisted Securities trading facility. As at May 2021 the USX has facilitated in excess of 18,500 trades for 330m Shares with a value of over $421m. The total market capitalisation has grown to approximately $3.5b and USX issuers have raised over $400m while listed on the market, which includes an IPO.

Click here to learn more

How do you manage risk?

The investment strategy is to invest in crypto assets which have a market capitalisation of at least NZD $500 million. In the event that a crypto asset market capitalisation falls below this threshold for six consecutive months (or earlier if the Board consider it is in the beneficial interests of Shareholders), then the Board will exit this crypto asset and reinvest the funds.


The Board may also exit an asset if there is a material change to the underlying protocol.

The security of crypto assets should be a major focus for any investor who is investing in Cryptocurrencies.  That is why Crossgate Capital has selected BitGo to provide our custodial solution and hold the majority of our crypto assets.

Does Crossgate Capital prepare and lodge audited financial statements?

Yes. Crossgate Capital is required to have annual external audits and lodge its audited financial statements with the registrar.   

What transparency will I have?

As an investor, you can easily keep track of how many Shares you hold and the current value of your investment using the investor portal.

To access the portal, please have the following information to hand;

  1. CSN/Holder Number  -  Your CSN/Holder Number is printed on your investor documentation, including the Securities Transaction Statement.

  2. Authorisation Code (FIN)

Our latest Share price is also lodged with the registrar and therefore publicly available.


On a quarterly basis, our investors will also receive a report which reviews our performance, the crypto market and specifically the assets that we have invested in. 


Ad hoc updates are also issued when we make significant investments, or when investments achieve significant milestones.

You will also be invited to the Annual General Meeting and be able to access all governing documents and material information on  


We also issue a regular newsletter "Investor Insights", which reviews all the latest Crossgate Capital developments.   Click here to subscribe. 


How do you select the exchange to purchase the assets?

Crossgate Capital engages with digital exchange(s) to purchase and sell the cryptocurrency. When selecting an exchange, a number of factors are considered, including;

  • Security

  • Liquidity

  • Transactional fees

  • Ability to purchase a range of assets which adhere to the investment strategy

  • Transparency

  • Reputation

Who do I contact if I have a complaint?

In the first instance, please contact us by Freephone: 0800 378489, email us at info@crossgatecapital.co.nz  or write to us at;

Attention: Directors
PO Box 113120
Newmarket, Auckland

If we are unable to resolve your complaint, you may contact our external dispute resolution scheme. This is a free service.

Which external dispute resolution scheme are you a member of?

Crossgate Capital is a member of the Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL),  a not-for-profit external dispute resolution scheme. Their website address is: http://www.fscl.org.nz/