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Crossgate Capital was founded in order to provide investors a simple way to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As an established and trusted New Zealand company we provide a familiar and secure way to invest in cryptocurrencies. 

It can be challenging to invest, from opening an exchange account, processing transactions, to managing a private wallet for safekeeping. The use of technical computing terms can also confuse and deter many.

Crossgate Capital is a specialist investor in cryptocurrencies. We do not invest in any other asset class. Our objective is to provide strong returns to our investors and to become the preferred way to invest in this asset class.  This also requires having a culture focused on transparency and open communication. 


We manage all the challenges of investing in crypto assets and consider this sets us apart from other ways to invest in this sector.  Our portfolio selection approach is to continually research and monitor the performance of each asset and undertake selection based on fundamentals, specialist advice and strong debate.  We consider that it requires a hands on approach to deliver the potential returns from investing in this emerging asset class.

Crossgate Capital is a regulated offer of shares (OFR12554) and is a registered financial service provider (FSP649949).

We invite you take advantage of our expertise and experience.

Our Values


We are focused on delivering both strong returns and outstanding service to our investors.
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Open and transparent disclosure. Ensure Shareholders are informed through phone calls, meetings and newsletters.


The Board ensures the company delivers on its compliance requirements and effectively manages risk.


Working as an effective team which deals with the right issues at the right time, to create Shareholder value.

Meet The Team


Meet The Team


Scott Lester

Scott is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant and has strong governance experience, holding directorships in both public and private entities. 

Currently, Scott has considerable experience in managing funds. Scott is an Executive Director of a strongly performing Fund, which was listed on the NZX Main Board and of another public offer. In addition to driving commercial performance, Scott has a strong understanding of the financial sector, investor relations and the regulatory landscape.

Scott has both general investment experience and a strong interest in digital assets.

Scott is also a Member of the Institute of Directors. 

Specialist Adviser

Stephen Macaskill

Stephen was an early participant in the digital currency space when his precious metals company was the first in the industry to accept bitcoin as a payment method.  


Stephen is a founder, and the first President of the Blockchain Association of New Zealand, an organisation dedicated to promoting blockchain technology.  


Stephen sits on the Alumni Board of the Foundation for Economic Education. Stephen has made presentations around the world on the topics of bitcoin, blockchain technology, monetary theory, and economics.


Clive Jimmieson

Clive has a Bachelor of Management Studies from Waikato University and is a former Chartered Accountant in the commercial arena.  
He has held a variety of senior roles in General Management, Finance, Marketing and Strategic planning, in both public and private businesses. In this time Clive has been involved in numerous successful acquisitions and mergers.  Clive mentors on  Strategy, Structure and Governance.
Clive is currently Head of Compliance for a MIS fund which was listed on the NZX Main Board and a Member of the Institute of Directors.

Independent Director

Neville Brummer

Neville is a trained accountant and left the profession after qualifying to follow a career in financial, business and general management.

Neville is also an adviser and shareholder to a number of successful businesses. He has held senior executive positions across a range of industries in both large international corporations and small to medium businesses. 


Neville is currently an independent director of a MIS Fund which was listed on the NZX Main Board.

Investor Services

Greg de Joux

Greg has been proud to represent New Zealand Sport being selected for the under 17 rugby team, on its tour of Australia in 1987. Greg also was a member of the under 20 cricket team and featured in the inaugural under 19 World Cup  in 1988. Building on his sporting experience, Greg has coached extensively throughout NZ rugby clubs and schools. 

Greg has had considerable experience in the hospitality industry, owning a number of businesses in the South Island.  In addition to being Club Manager for Eden Rugby Club, Greg acts as a consultant identifying commercial property development opportunities.

Greg is passionate about the potential that exists within the cryptocurrency sector.

Investor Services

Guy Sinclair

Guy has been actively involved in a number of global blockchain projects and other associated cryptocurrency products.


Guy’s experience also includes providing educational guidance within the cryptocurrency sector.


Guy’s expertise encompasses account management experience and maintaining effective stakeholder relationships. 

Investor Services

Bryce Galbraith

Bryce Galbraith is an analyst at a leading advisory firm who provide trusted advice and exclusive access to vetted digital asset transactions.

Bryce is an experienced entrepreneur with a keen interest in investing within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


Bryce holds a BCom and BSc from the University of Auckland. In 2017, Bryce co-founded a blockchain orientated start-up which focused on fund management, brokerage, and high-frequency arbitrage trading.

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