The Smart Way To Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Research & Monitoring 

To invest successfully in this asset class, continual research and monitoring of each asset is required.  This is important in order to determine the overall asset weighting and therefore construct an appropriate portfolio.

Consistent Approach

We consider that the optimum approach to investing in this asset class is a consistent, structured  investment process. This provides the platform to deliver on our objective of providing positive returns to our investors.  

Experienced Team

We have a strong team with specialist experience in this asset class.The team have strong governance experience and are results driven. We partner with other leaders within this industry, relationships not readily available to individual investors.

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Research & Monitoring

We consider a number of elements when undertaking investment decisions. Below are just some of the factors that are assessed;


Financial Performance










Partnerships &


Community Interest



Investment Performance & Monitoring

Investors will receive regular reports to advise them of the performance of their investment.  Investors will also have the opportunity to attend annual meetings. We are always available by phone or in person to discuss your investment. 

Investment performance is monitored weekly, but the performance of the portfolio is also measured monthly and annually.  Crossgate Capital will receive weekly reports from the exchanges which will be used to measure the performance of Crossgate Capital’s portfolio.

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