Crossgate Capital is the easy way to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Our objective is to provide strong returns to our investors and to become the
preferred way to invest in this asset class

Welcome To The Investor Centre

 “Why not invest in cryptocurrencies like you would invest in any other asset class”? 

Investing in any asset class can be challenging. That is why for many investors they remove the ‘pain points’ of investing individually by engaging experienced, qualified professionals who focus on investment management.


We consider that cryptocurrencies, as an emerging asset class, has its own specific set of challenges, which are amplified for those individuals who are not tech savvy or have busy schedules. These challenges include understanding which cryptocurrencies to invest in, storage, tax and having the time to keep track of this fast-moving market. 

Crossgate Capital manage all the challenges of investing in crypto assets and consider this sets us apart from other ways to invest in this sector.

We place great importance on making it easy for our investors to access company and investor information. Our Investor Centre provides information about tracking the latest share price, the reporting cycle and offers assistance in regards to managing your investment. 

Build Your Investment Portfolio

Regular investing makes it easier to achieve your investment goals with less time and effort.  

Simply set up a regular automatic investment on either a fortnightly or monthly basis and we will take care of the rest.  You can also make one off investments at any time.

Crossgate Capital makes it easy to build an investment in cryptocurrencies.

Keeping Track of Your Investment  

Like any astute investor, you want to know how your investment is tracking. 


It can be challenging to keep track of the value of your cryptocurrency portfolio. Our investors simply visit the Investor Centre to check the value of their investment or add to their investment.

Please have the following information to hand;

  1. CSN/Holder Number - located on your investor documentation.

  2. Authorisation Code (FIN) 


If you do not know your CSN or FIN, please contact Link Market Services on (09) 375 5998 or email

Results & Reports

On a quarterly basis, we report to Shareholders on our financial performance, review the investment portfolio and provide a general update on the market.


As Crossgate Capital is a FMC Reporting Entity we also lodge annual audited financial statements.


We hold annual general meetings which provides us another opportunity to meet and update our investors.

Complementary to our reporting, our team are also available to  answer any questions. Simply call us on: 0800 378489

To read the latest quarterly report click here>>

Investor Communication

Crossgate Capital values communication with all our investors and stakeholders. We are always available to discuss your investment by email, phone or in person.

If you any investment questions, please contact our investor relations team.


Freephone:   0800 378489 (EQUITY)

If you would like to update your contact details or for other administrative questions, please contact our Registrar, Link Market Services at;


Phone:         09 375 5998

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