A Focus On Delivering Returns To Investors

Crossgate Capital is a specialist investor in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We do not invest in any other asset class. 

Our objective is to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrencies on your behalf and deliver strong returns. We invest based on fundamentals driven by continual research and monitoring.  Our approach is to take a considered position in order to deliver on our objective of providing strong returns to our investors. The Board engage specialist cryptocurrency experts to assist them when making investment decisions. 

As an active investor we seek to maximise returns while managing the risks of investment. We consider that there is an early mover advantage due to the significant growth potential of the cryptocurrencies that we invest in.

We invite you take advantage of our expertise and experience.

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1 April 2019



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15 September 2021


Early Mover Advantage

Interested in gaining access to the cryptocurrency markets?  Crossgate Capital's objective is to grow capital by investing in cryptocurrencies where we consider there is a significant opportunity for growth. 

While we do not expect the cryptocurrency market to increase in a straight line, we consider that we are still in the early days of this new asset class and therefore the crypto market has the potential to trend upwards over a period of time. This aligns with our investment strategy of taking a consistent, structured approach in order to deliver on our objective of providing strong returns to investors.  

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Diversified Portfolio Of The Leading Cryptocurrencies

Crossgate Capital only invests in individual crypto assets with a market capitalisation of at least NZD $500million as at the date of purchase, the objective is to build a diverse portfolio whist mitigating risk. Our asset selection is based on fundamentals not retail hype.
As part of our strategy to achieve our objective of delivering significant returns to our investors, Crossgate Capital continually reviews the weightings of individual assets within our investment portfolio. We are heavily weighted to Bitcoin but have greater breadth by investing across the leading cryptocurrencies.
To mitigate any unnecessary transaction fees or tax implications, we re-weight the portfolio through purchases as opposed to selling any of the cryptocurrencies. Crossgate Capital's portfolio currently includes;