Crossgate Capital provides the ability for investors to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without the hassle of storing the assets.  

Security of crypto assets should be a major focus for any investor who is investing in Cryptocurrencies.  That is why Crossgate Capital has selected BitGo to store the majority of our crypto assets. 

BitGo is one of the world's largest processor of on-chain bitcoin transactions, processing 15% of all global bitcoin transactions, and $15 billion per month across all Cryptocurrencies.

BitGo's client base includes the world's largest Cryptocurrency exchanges and spans more than 50 countries. The company is headquartered in California, and has offices in London, Singapore, and Tokyo.

For those investors who understand the risks and potential rewards of cryptocurrency investing but do not have a technical background, storage becomes a real issue.  They may buy cryptocurrencies but simply leave their assets on an exchange. 


The message that investors shouldn't hold their cryptocurrencies on an exchange is still not heeded by some investors. It is essential that cryptocurrencies are held in cold storage (the cryptocurrencies should be stored in a wallet that is not connected to the internet).


Others with a stronger technical understanding, may have their own wallet.  Still facing the risk of losing their private key - a sophisticated form of cryptography that allows a user to access their cryptocurrency. 

Why BitGo? 

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100% cold storage technology in
bank-grade Class III vaults. 
multi-signature security, delivers modern security for modern assets. 



 BitGo provides advanced cold storage and reporting solutions. 
Enforce controls and policies including multiple approvals, spending limits and whitelists.


BitGo is a leader in digital asset financial services.

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