Asset Classification

Crossgate Capital  currently uses a number of crypto research and data tools which includes Messari as they are focused on bringing transparency to the cryptoeconomy and they provide data that assists informed decision making and investment.

Cryptoasset networks can be divided into 5 categories based on the types of users they address. These include;


Currency - primarily used as Money, Payments and Store-of-Value


Infrastructure - serves as the protocol foundation for various use-cases


Financial Networks - dedicated to cryptoasset financial services


Services - specific applications implemented on blockchain-networks


Media and Entertainment  - from social networks to content generation

In addition, sectors indicate the specific solution(s) provided by a cryptoasset network. Each sector belongs to a single category.

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Crossgate Capital's Portfolio By Sector And Category

Our objective is to deliver returns to investors by investing in cryptocurrencies where we consider there is a significant  opportunity for growth. As part of this process, we continually review the weightings of individual assets and monitor other assets which may warrant inclusion.  


Current Targeted Weightings By Category And Sector

To mitigate any unnecessary transaction fees or tax implications, we re-weight the portfolio through purchases as opposed to selling any of the cryptocurrencies.

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Sector Portfolio Graph.png