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Our approach is to build a trusted relationship with our investors.
When you invest with Crossgate Capital you invest alongside our team.
We are right beside you all the way. So your objective is our objective.

The Smart & Secure Way To Build Your Investment
In Bitcoin And Other Leading Cryptocurrencies 

This form is for current investors who would like to add to their investment.


Simply enter your;

  1. CSN/Holder Number  -  Your CSN/Holder Number is printed on your investor documentation, including the Securities Transaction Statement.

  2. Authorisation Code (FIN) 

  3. The amount you want to reinvest


If you do not know your CSN or FIN, please contact Link Market Services on (09) 375 5998 or for assistance.

The form will also let you know how many units you hold and the current value of your investment.

If you are not already an investor but would like to invest please click the 'Invest Now' button (which is located at the top of the page).

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