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Keeping Track of Your Cryptocurrency Investment

Like any astute and practical investor, you want to know how your investments are going. It sounds easy and common-sense but invariably things get put to one side as time is spent at work, with friends and family. As the saying goes, ‘so much to do, so little time to do it’.

Clive Jimmieson of Crossgate Capital – New Zealand’s first regulated share offer in a company investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – says ‘the world of cryptocurrency investment adds another dimension for investors, given the rapid movements in prices – in both directions!’

Once you have decided on your investment strategy this clears the mind as to how you manage your investment. Crypto is no different. There are several investment strategies, including trade or HODL, which is cryptocurrency speak for buy and hold.

Jimmieson noted that investing in cryptocurrencies can be time consuming regardless of your approach. ‘Do you have time to watch the markets, access your wallets and trade? Learn about the how to of cryptocurrency investing? Keep up to date with the latest developments in this fast-moving market-place’.

While people may think you are hard at work sitting in front on your computer, they may not realise you are just trying to keeping track of the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

‘Crossgate Capital is a different way to invest in cryptocurrencies. By providing the opportunity to invest through Shares our investors gain access to a diversified portfolio of some of the market leading cryptocurrencies.’

For ‘time poor’ investors who simply don’t have enough hours in the day to get “into the weeds” and understand the complex world of cryptocurrency investing, simply keeping track of their investment by checking a Share price could be a great option for them’.

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