A specialist investor in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with a strong focus on investor returns.
Crossgate Capital manages all the challenges of investing in cryptocurrencies. 

This sets us apart from other ways to invest in this sector.


Simple way to invest 
in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is a regulated offer of ordinary shares in a New Zealand company. 

Diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies
Asset selection based on fundamentals not retail hype. We invest based on research and specialist advice.

Easy on-ramp
to investing without being tech savvy. Simple way to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Strong focus on security
We have engaged BitGo who provide institutional-grade security to store our cryptocurrencies. 

Make one off or regular investments 

You can make a one off investment or easily set up a regular automatic investment on either a fortnightly or monthly basis and we will take care of the rest. 

Experienced team
A strong team with specialist experience. We partner with other leading entities, relationships not readily available to individual investors.

Crossgate Capital makes investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easy.

Make a one-off investment or set up an automatic payment & build your portfolio over time.

We invite you take advantage of our expertise and experience.

By investing in cryptocurrencies with a market capitalisation of at least NZD $500 million as at the date of purchase, the objective is maximise returns whist mitigating risk. 

Click the image for the indicative long term portfolio weightings. 

Share Price

(after fees, expenses and tax)

21 October 2020


Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.


Institutional grade security.

Crossgate Capital has selected BitGo to store the cryptocurrencies.
Our assets are held in cold storage, in a wallet that is not connected to the internet.

Institutional grade security
Purpose-built for storing cryptocurrencies and providing clients with advanced cold storage. 

Process USD $15 billion per month
across all cryptocurrencies

and 15% of all global bitcoin transactions.

100% cold storage technology
Cryptocurrencies should not be stored on an exchange but in a secure offline environment.

Institutional grade policy & controls 
Controls and policies including multiple approvals, spending limits and whitelists. 

Modern security for modern assets

Pioneering institutional-grade,
multi-signature security.

More Information
To learn more about the BitGo, 

click here.

Crossgate Capital provides you an easy way to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
We take care of which cryptocurrencies to buy, storage, tax, reporting and keeping track of this fast moving market – removing the complications to invest is what we are all about.

Investment Strategy

By investing in individual crypto assets with a market capitalisation of at least NZD $500million as at the date of purchase, the objective is to build a diverse portfolio whist mitigating risk. We invest based on fundamentals not retail hype.


Latest News

IRD has advised salaries can now be paid in cryptocurrencies. U.S. Pension Fund announced they were investing in crypto assets. This follows Yale and Harvard universities investing in this sector.  In Ohio you can pay your taxes using Bitcoin.


About Us

The Board are committed to strong corporate governance and maintaining high ethical standards. With a focus on sustaining growth for our investors whilst mitigating risk. We remove the pain points of investing individually.


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