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Established in 2018, Crossgate Capital is a New Zealand registered company operated by a commercially experienced team with a singular purpose of investing in cryptocurrencies. There are many benefits of investing with Crossgate Capital, such as simplicity, professional management and immediate access to a diversified portfolio of the leading cryptocurrencies.

Our approach is to invest in established crypto assets over the long term and hold course during short term market volatility. With the objective of achieving growth over time by focusing on the projects which are building for the future and have a real world use case. With these principles in mind we navigate the volatile crypto markets. 


As the world gets more digitally connected it seems logical to us, that digital assets will become increasingly relevant. We have a strong conviction regarding the long term direction of the cryptocurrencies market and consider this technological innovation will form part of the next generation economy. 

The management team also invest in Crossgate Capital.  So when you invest with Crossgate Capital you invest alongside our team.

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Crossgate Capital is a New Zealand company, investing in a global asset, in a fast paced, highly volatile and continually evolving sector of the economy.

We provide investors the opportunity to invest in a carefully crafted cryptocurrency portfolio designed with the objective of extracting value from this emerging industry, which is driven by digital transformation, technological advancements and cutting edge innovation.

We invite you to read the latest Crossgate Capital Annual Review which includes audited financial statements.

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