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Established in 2018, Crossgate Capital is a New Zealand registered company operated by a commercially experienced team with a singular purpose of investing in cryptocurrencies. There are many benefits of investing with Crossgate Capital, such as simplicity, professional management and diversification.

Crossgate Capital’s objective is to provide investors a smart and simple way to invest in cryptocurrencies through a familiar and convenient Share offer.   Investors gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of the leading cryptocurrencies while avoiding the challenges of identifying which cryptocurrencies to buy, storage, reporting and keeping track of this fast moving market.

Our objective is to provide a strong return with the potential flexibility provided by listing on the USX Main Board. 
The USX, based in New Zealand, is a cost-efficient and simple share trading platform for Crossgate Capital to provide liquidity to Shareholders. It provides a mechanism for Crossgate Capital Shareholders to sell their Shares, if there are interested buyers.

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As the move to a digital world has accelerated, for us it appears logical that digital assets such as cryptocurrencies will benefit from this shift and continue to increase in relevance.

We invite you to read the latest Crossgate Capital Annual Review which includes audited financial statements.